About Mary Brosmith

A resident of Massachusetts, Mary Brosmith currently operates as a Merchandising Representative for Lawrence Merchandising, a company based in Plymouth, Minnesota. In this position, Mary Brosmith provides retail solutions to clients by offering expertise in visuals, such as product displays, designed to appeal to consumers. Prior to assuming her current post, Mary Brosmith found employment in a variety of financial services roles.

Ultimately earning three promotions, Mary Brosmith secured her first post-college position with MFS Investment Management (then known as Massachusetts Financial Services Company) in 1987. Originally operating as an Investor Communications Representative, Mary Brosmith helped clients with a variety of retirement plans. In this capacity, she advised shareholders and brokers on various intricacies of the available post-work financial programs, quickly responded to inquiries and concerns from other departments, and trained new staff members. Within a few years, Mary Brosmith became a Retirement Plan Marketing Representative, assisting with sales presentations and traveling to conferences around the country.

Gaining leadership experience, Mary Brosmith next functioned as a Marketing Manager, maintaining responsibility for the development and execution of advertising plans and additionally assisted in the coordination of sales efforts between departments. In her last role with the company, Mary Brosmith served as an Assistant Vice President and designed new retirement plan options, such as the MFS Simple IRA, and developed literature relative to available choices.

Furthermore, Mary Brosmith worked as an Assistant Vice President at Salomon Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC) in New York City and in two positions at Guardian Life Insurance Company of America in Chicago. Before entering the workforce, Mary Brosmith graduated from St. Lawrence University in New York with a Bachelor of Arts.


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